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14ALL Bionaire Carbon Air Purifier Pre-Filter

14ALL Bionaire Carbon Air Purifier Pre-Filter

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Quick Overview
  • Universal Cut-to-Fit Activated Carbon Pre-Filter
  • Fits all Bionaire room air purifiers that require a carbon pre-filter
  • Replaces Bionaire filter numbers 115, 215, 315, 515, 715, 1230C, A0702C, A0802C, A0862C, A1000C, A1002C, A1230C, A1260C, A1402C, A1562C, A2562C, and A3502C
  • Reduces common household odors such as cooking odors, bathroom odors, pet odors, tobacco odors, musty odors, etc.
  • Removes large airborne particulates
  • Large 15-3/4" x 48" cut-to-fit activated carbon sheet!
  • Makes 1 to 4 pre-filters depending on the model


Have you ever wondered why some houses seem to collect odors more easily than other houses? This is because of indoor air pollution. Indoor air pollution occurs when too little outdoor air is allowed to circulate inside, which is usually the result of energy-conserving, heavily insulated structures. Air pollutants such as odors, allergens, and bacteria eventually begin to accumulate. Not only does this produce a smelly, uncomfortable environment, but breathing these contaminates can also lead to or worsen allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems.

Air purifier filters are designed to rid the air of pollutants in the areas in which you spend a large amount of time so that you are able to breathe cleaner and to reduce chances of breathing problems. This particular product is a Bionaire air purifier pre-filter. It is designed to keep your regular air purifier filter more efficient by trapping larger airborne contaminates such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold. It is a carbon filter, which means it is extremely absorbent, trapping particles as small as odors. It helps to reduce common household odors such as cooking, tobacco, bathroom, pet, and other household odors.

This product comes in a cut-to-fit sheet measuring 15-3/4" x 48". It can be cut to fit your air purifier, a feature that reduces replacement costs, and it usually makes 1 to 4 pre-filters depending on the model. If you are looking for a way to increase your filter life, to rid your air of pollutants, or to reduce household odors, then this is the product for you! Don't sacrifice your breathing; order today and see the difference in your air quality!