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High Quality Air Filters

1 - Inch Air Filters

6.88x15.88x1 13x24x1 17x21x1 20x27x1
8x14x1 13x25x1 17x22x1 20x30x1
8x16x1 13.25x13.25x1 17x25x1 20x32x1
8x20x1 14x14x1 17.25x17.25x1 20x34x1
8x24x1 14x18x1 17.25x19.25x1 20x36x1
8x30x1 14x20x1 17.25x23.25x1 21x21x1
9.75x23.75x1 14x22x1 17.25x26x1 21x22x1
10x10x1 14x24x1 17.25x29.25x1 21x23x1
10x14x1 14x25x1 17.25x35.25x1 21x23.25x1
10x15x1 14x27x1 17.5X22x1 21.25x21.25x1
10x16x1 14x28x1 17.5x23.5x1 21.5x23x1
10x18x1 14x30x1 17.5x27x1 21.5x23.25x1
10x20x1 14x36x1 18x18x1 21.5x24x1
10x24x1 14.5x19x1 18x20x1 21.5x26x1
10x25x1 15x15x1 18x22x1 22x22x1
10x28x1 15x20x1 18x24x1 22x24x1
10x30x1 15x25x1 18x25x1 22x26x1
11.25x11.25x1 15x30x1 18x30x1 22x28x1
11.25x19.25x1 15x30.5x1 18x36x1 22x36x1
11.25x23.25x1 15x30.75x1 18.25x22x1 22.25x25x1
11.5x21x1 15.25x15.25x1 19x19x1 23x25x1
11.88x16.88x1 15.5x29x1 19x21x1 23.25x29.25x1
12x12x1 16x16x1 19x21.5x1 23.5x23.5x1
12x15x1 16x18x1 19x22x1 23.5x25x1
12x16x1 16x20x1 19x23x1 23.5x30.75x1
12x18x1 16x21x1 19x27x1 24x24x1
12x20x1 16x21.5x1 19.25x21.25x1 24x25x1
12x22x1 16x22x1 19.25x23.25x1 24x28x1
12x24x1 16x22.25x1 19.5x21x1 24x30x1
12x25x1 16x24x1 19.5x22x1 24x36x1
12x26x1 16x25x1 19.75x21x1 25x25x1
12x26.5x1 16x30x1 19.75x22x1 25x28x1
12x27x1 16x32x1 19.88x21.5x1 25x29x1
12x30x1 16x36x1 20x20x1 25x32x1
12x30.5x1 16.25x21.25x1 20x21x1 27x27x1
12x36x1 16.38x21.38x1 20x21.5x1 28x30x1
12.5x21x1 16.38x21.5x1 20x22x1 29x29x1
12.75x21x1 16.5x21x1 20x22.25x1 30x30x1
13x18x1 16.5x22x1 20x23x1 30x32x1
13x20x1 17x17x1 20x24x1 30x36x1
13x21x1 17x19x1 20x25x1 Custom Filters
13x21.5x1 17x20x1

2 - Inch Air Filters

6.88x15.88x2 13x24x2 17x21x2 20x27x2
8x14x2 13x25x2 17x22x2 20x30x2
8x16x2 13.25x13.25x2 17x25x2 20x32x2
8x20x2 14x14x2 17.25x17.25x2 20x34x2
8x24x2 14x18x2 17.25x19.25x2 20x36x2
8x30x2 14x20x2 17.25x23.25x2 21x21x2
9.75x23.75x2 14x22x2 17.25x26x2 21x22x2
10x10x2 14x24x2 17.25x29.25x2 21x23x2
10x14x2 14x25x2 17.25x35.25x2 21x23.25x2
10x15x2 14x27x2 17.5X22x2 21.25x21.25x2
10x16x2 14x28x2 17.5x23.5x2 21.5x23x2
10x18x2 14x30x2 17.5x27x2 21.5x23.25x2
10x20x2 14x36x2 18x18x2 21.5x24x2
10x24x2 14.5x19x2 18x20x2 21.5x26x2
10x25x2 15x15x2 18x22x2 22x22x2
10x28x2 15x20x2 18x24x2 22x24x2
10x30x2 15x25x2 18x25x2 22x26x2
11.25x11.25x2 15x30x2 18x30x2 22x28x2
11.25x19.25x2 15x30.5x2 18x36x2 22x36x2
11.25x23.25x2 15x30.75x2 18.25x22x2 22.25x25x2
11.5x21x2 15.25x15.25x2 19x19x2 23x25x2
11.88x16.88x2 15.5x29x2 19x21x2 23.25x29.25x2
12x12x2 16x16x2 19x21.5x2 23.5x23.5x2
12x15x2 16x18x2 19x22x2 23.5x25x2
12x16x2 16x20x2 19x23x2 23.5x30.75x2
12x18x2 16x21x2 19x27x2 24x24x2
12x20x2 16x21.5x2 19.25x21.25x2 24x25x2
12x22x2 16x22x2 19.25x23.25x2 24x28x2
12x24x2 16x22.25x2 19.5x21x2 24x30x2
12x25x2 16x24x2 19.5x22x2 24x36x2
12x26x2 16x25x2 19.75x21x2 25x25x2
12x26.5x2 16x30x2 19.75x22x2 25x28x2
12x27x2 16x32x2 19.88x21.5x2 25x29x2
12x30x2 16x36x2 20x20x2 25x32x2
12x30.5x2 16.25x21.25x2 20x21x2 27x27x2
12x36x2 16.38x21.38x2 20x21.5x2 28x30x2
12.5x21x2 16.38x21.5x2 20x22x2 29x29x2
12.75x21x2 16.5x21x2 20x22.25x2 30x30x2
13x18x2 16.5x22x2 20x23x2 30x32x2
13x20x2 17x17x2 20x24x2 30x36x2
13x21x2 17x19x2 20x25x2 Custom Filters
13x21.5x2 17x20x2

4 - Inch Air Filters

6.88x15.88x4 13x24x4 17x21x4 20x27x4
8x14x4 13x25x4 17x22x4 20x30x4
8x16x4 13.25x13.25x4 17x25x4 20x32x4
8x20x4 14x14x4 17.25x17.25x4 20x34x4
8x24x4 14x18x4 17.25x19.25x4 20x36x4
8x30x4 14x20x4 17.25x23.25x4 21x21x4
9.75x23.75x4 14x22x4 17.25x26x4 21x22x4
10x10x4 14x24x4 17.25x29.25x4 21x23x4
10x14x4 14x25x4 17.25x35.25x4 21x23.25x4
10x15x4 14x27x4 17.5X22x4 21.25x21.25x4
10x16x4 14x28x4 17.5x23.5x4 21.5x23x4
10x18x4 14x30x4 17.5x27x4 21.5x23.25x4
10x20x4 14x36x4 18x18x4 21.5x24x4
10x24x4 14.5x19x4 18x20x4 21.5x26x4
10x25x4 15x15x4 18x22x4 22x22x4
10x28x4 15x20x4 18x24x4 22x24x4
10x30x4 15x25x4 18x25x4 22x26x4
11.25x11.25x4 15x30x4 18x30x4 22x28x4
11.25x19.25x4 15x30.5x4 18x36x4 22x36x4
11.25x23.25x4 15x30.75x4 18.25x22x4 22.25x25x4
11.5x21x4 15.25x15.25x4 19x19x4 23x25x4
11.88x16.88x4 15.5x29x4 19x21x4 23.25x29.25x4
12x12x4 16x16x4 19x21.5x4 23.5x23.5x4
12x15x4 16x18x4 19x22x4 23.5x25x4
12x16x4 16x20x4 19x23x4 23.5x30.75x4
12x18x4 16x21x4 19x27x4 24x24x4
12x20x4 16x21.5x4 19.25x21.25x4 24x25x4
12x22x4 16x22x4 19.25x23.25x4 24x28x4
12x24x4 16x22.25x4 19.5x21x4 24x30x4
12x25x4 16x24x4 19.5x22x4 24x36x4
12x26x4 16x25x4 19.75x21x4 25x25x4
12x26.5x4 16x30x4 19.75x22x4 25x28x4
12x27x4 16x32x4 19.88x21.5x4 25x29x4
12x30x4 16x36x4 20x20x4 25x32x4
12x30.5x4 16.25x21.25x4 20x21x4 27x27x4
12x36x4 16.38x21.38x4 20x21.5x4 28x30x4
12.5x21x4 16.38x21.5x4 20x22x4 29x29x4
12.75x21x4 16.5x21x4 20x22.25x4 30x30x4
13x18x4 16.5x22x4 20x23x4 30x32x4
13x20x4 17x17x4 20x24x4 30x36x4
13x21x4 17x19x4 20x25x4 Custom Filters
13x21.5x4 17x20x4

Are you looking for replacement air filters for your home? More importantly, are you looking for air filters that will clean the air your family breathes? If so, Accumulair air filters are exactly what you need.

The air in your home circulates through your air conditioner or furnace (HVAC unit). Before that air moves through the unit, it comes in contact with the air filter. If you have a standard blue fiberglass filter, that air filter is doing its job of keeping dust out of the working parts of your unit. However, it is doing very little to eliminate allergens and irritants from the air.

At Air Filter Express, we carry the Accumulair line of air filters because they DO protect you and your family by providing clean, fresh air. Accumulair residential air filters are between 8-30 times more effective at removing dust particles from the air than standard fiberglass filters, depending on which model you choose. That is eight to thirty times less dust, smoke, pet dander, bacteria and even viruses circulating through the air you and your family breathe. It only makes sense to upgrade, doesn’t it?  

Choosing the right Residential Air Filters For House

Choosing an air filter for house can be a real challenge. At Air Filter Express, we understand how hard it is to pick the right air filter for your needs, and choose the correct size. To help, we have made the selection process fast and easy. Below, we have listed each model of Accumulair air filter. Choose which one fits your needs based on the MERV rating. Click here read a down to earth explanation of "what is MERV." After that, simply choose your size from the menu on the left and you will be taken to the exact product you need. No needless scrolling through hundreds of sizes, we make it EASY!

If for any reason you have questions, concerns, or just want to speak to a real person, you have two options. Our office is open from 7:00am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. Simply call us at 1-877-476-8422, or use the Live Chat feature in the left hand side bar. At Air Filter Express, we are dedicated to providing the simplest air filter selection process to our customers.