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About Us

Air Filter Express exists to help people who understand the importance of clean air, find the products that they need quickly and easily. We know that finding the right size air filter for the right model can be a real challenge. We designed our site and checkout process to allow visitors to get right to the filter that they need, without wasting time scrolling through hundreds of filters that will not work.

We are dedicated to our customers and go out of our way to ensure each visitor to our site is helped. There are several ways to get in touch with us. The best way is to reach us is at If you want to reach us during business hours, use the Live Chat feature on the left hand side. We can guide you to the proper filter and answer any questions may have while you are on our website. If you prefer to use the phones, including ordering, please call us at 1-877-476-8422

We take pride in helping people breathe clean, fresh air everyday. Give us a try and see why so many people are using Air Filter Express everyday.